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Dauphinette's Fall 2021 Collection Would Make For Perfect TikTok Catnip

It's full of resin-encased flowers and chainmail dresses.
A look from Dauphinette's Fall 2021 collection.

A look from Dauphinette's Fall 2021 collection.

Dauphinette designer Olivia Cheng isn't on TikTok yet, but her Fall 2021 collection would be perfect for showcasing there: Resin art is popular on the app, and Cheng's latest collection features plenty of flowers, fruits and vegetables preserved in the stuff; chain mail dresses and tops make for great DIY videos, and Cheng included plenty of those too.

Perhaps it'd be truer to say simply that Cheng is in touch with the generation that spends more time on TikTok than any other social media platform, whether or not she's on it herself. But there are also plenty of motifs in the collection that will appeal beyond Gen Z: pillowy velvet, optical illusion tops and coats in a quirky print all make appearances. One standout piece is a jacket that features pressed flowers sandwiched and quilted between two layers of recycled PVC.

The whole collection was inspired by a childhood toy of Cheng's, and is meant to reference "the comfort objects we meet as children, the fuzzy shoulders to cry on, the reassurances that soft objects carry when they remind us of joyful, heirloom-ish ownership a world apart from our shifting adult view of the goods economy."

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See the full Dauphinette Fall 2021 collection in the gallery below.

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