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Richard Quinn's Atelier Created a Custom Dress for Barbie to Tease Fall 2021

"If we were able to show this season, Barbie would be our woman of choice to open the show."
Barbie wearing Richard Quinn.

Barbie wearing Richard Quinn.

The pandemic has forced designers to rethink the way they present their designs to the world, resulting in a plethora of creative solutions this season and last. For Richard Quinn, that meant thinking small to think big.

Quinn is teasing his (human-sized) Fall 2021 collection by releasing a miniature creation tailored to fit Barbie.

"If we were able to show this season, Barbie would be our woman of choice to open the show," the designer said, in a statement. "It's really amazing to work with such a diverse and beautiful range of dolls and it's been so much fun making everything in miniature."

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Barbie's look, which features a highly embellished full-length gown complete with a crinoline, took eight days to embroider and two days to construct. "We wanted to re-create the bespoke hand-crafted artisanal dress for Barbie using the same beautiful techniques that we use on our RTW collection," Quinn explained. The dress wasn't outsourced, either — the entire thing was created by Quinn's atelier.

Quinn's partnership with Barbie is part of a London Fashion Week takeover happening on her official fashion account, @barbiestyle. According to senior director of Barbie Design Robert Best, the goal is to boost young designers' profiles in a year that's been especially challenging for the whole industry.

"Since 1959, Barbie has a been the ultimate canvas to design partners and we often hear that she was designers' very first muse," he said. "As a brand that invented the fashion doll category over 60 years ago, we've continued to reflect culture and trends. Barbie has always been a friend to fashion, and this year, we highlight brilliant young designers and celebrate the fashion community's incredible creativity and resiliency."

See more images of Richard Quinn's look for Barbie and watch out for the designer's full collection during London Fashion Week.

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