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Sandy Liang Wants to Make the Aspirational Feel Attainable for Fall 2021

One could easily imagine a modern-day Margot Tenenbaum, or even Zoë Kravitz's Rob from "High Fidelity," wearing looks from the collection.
Sandy Liang Look25

"The collection is about a marriage between what I really wear, and what I wish I could wear," Sandy Liang said of her Fall 2021 collection, which went live on Tuesday, during New York Fashion Week.

The designer is renowned for marrying comfort with fantasy, pairing candy-colored fleeces with layers of voluminous sheer tulle and building out a label that's buzzy without feeling overwrought. So, one would think that comes naturally. Still, she wrote in the notes accompanying the collection, "I'm starting to listen to myself more — which means drowning out expectations. My love for puffers is as deep as the pockets I put in them to serve as my winter purse, but that doesn't mean I also can't make a dress that's as dreamy to me as the one I wore to my 2nd grade piano recital." 

Her Fall 2021 line, then, is meant to be "dreamy yet attainable," filled with easy separates you can buy on their own or dive into head-first to build out a complete Sandy Liang-ified wardrobe. Because it's autumn, the colors skew darker, heavy on the grey, black, forest green and ivory with touches of pastel blue and mint. There's also a lot of rich texture, often juxtaposed for stronger impact: a knit cardigan set with a leather midi skirt, a frilly checked dress with a black printed puffer vest, a furry tube top with classic black trousers. One could easily imagine a modern-day Margot Tenenbaum, or even Zoë Kravitz's Rob from "High Fidelity," wearing any number of looks from the collection. 

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"I finally feel like it's okay to dream a bit more, and not always look to and design for what's right in front of you," Liang argued. "It's ok to heighten the mood, play with emotions, make things that don't conventionally make sense. To take yourself, or I guess, myself, not too seriously. I feel like I can sketch a little more freely now." 

Liang may be known for a handful of marquee, sell-out pieces, but her Fall 2021 highlights the designer's range — and reminds us that no one does the "cool-person" vibe quite like she does. 

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