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17 Cheerful Fleece Jackets That Are Equal Parts Cozy and Fun

These will definitely make you smile.

Our cravings for happy endings and predictability are at an all-time high. We want the frozen pizzas we ate and the shows we binged in our teens. We also want the all-encompassing sense of comfort that comes from the familiar, fuzzy embrace of a fleece jacket

The cozy garment was already a prominent player in winter wardrobes before the pandemic, but as with anything soft, stay-at-home measures made it all the more desirable. New versions of the nostalgia-tinged topper are super fun — think statement pockets, highlighter hues and loud prints. It's almost as if the fleece jacket is in its wild going-out phase and we, as shoppers, are living vicariously through it. 

Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, the social media arbiters of all things hot, cosigned the "fun" fleece trend by wearing the bright MM6 Maison Margiela versions of The North Face's classic Denali zip-up at the end of last year, which prompted British Vogue to write about the sexy potential of the normcore staple. For those who look to Netflix more than Instagram for style inspiration, you'll see several standout snuggly options on the French show "Family Business." 

Ahead, let us introduce you to a range of retro ski-inspired, bold-colored fleece jackets and pullovers that will easily become your new winter favorit

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