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How I Shop: The Sculpt Society's Megan Roup

"Your outfits should feel a little like self-care, right? For me, certainly, putting on a cute outfit makes me feel good in the morning."
Megan Roup for Stitch Fix

We all buy clothes, but no two people shop the same. It can be a social experience, and a deeply personal one; at times, it can be impulsive and entertaining, at others, purpose-driven, a chore. Where do you shop? When do you shop? How do you decide what you need, how much to spend and what's "you"? These are some of the questions we're putting to prominent figures in our column "How I Shop."

You may have caught one of her workouts on Instagram Live, or come across her feed, which is filled with colorful matching sets. There's a reason why Megan Roup and her program, The Sculpt Society, have become so beloved, with fans like Elsa Hosk, Katie Sturino, Hunter McGrady and thousands of others: Roup brings an infectious energy to a workout that emphasizes the fun in just moving your body. 

That's why Stitch Fix tapped the trainer to promote the relaunch of its Active & Athleisure section (and to create a special workout for its followers). Roup is a Stitch Fix customer herself, having used the service to shop for activewear and "real" clothes alike. "We can all get stuck in our go-to shapes and styles, so if you're open to it, I think working with Stitch Fix is fun," she says. "Because your outfits should feel a little like self-care, right? For me, certainly, putting on a cute outfit makes me feel good in the morning. It makes me feel like my day's getting started. I think we could all use a little bit of help in mixing up the shapes and the styles."

We caught up with Roup — who's currently expecting her first child and planning a move to L.A. — about how she organizes her extensive active wardrobe, the staple pieces she keeps buying over and over again and the fun of discovery in fashion.

"Because I work in the fitness space, I definitely gravitate towards athleisure. But I think [my style] overall is pretty simple and classic with a little bit of sophistication in there as well. My everyday or 'regular clothes' would be jeans and a simple T-shirt with an oversized jacket on, kind of like a trench, with some simple sneakers. I love AYR, which is a female-founded brand with simple shapes that never go out of style. 

"Because my days are so hectic, I like to keep things a little simple, so that I don't have to overthink what I'm wearing. Just being in New York for so long... I came here for college and just being around New Yorkers in general helped shape my style and my go-to uniform — and of course, my love of black. My wardrobe is a lot of neutrals: black, white, khaki, tan and grey. 

"Coming from California where you're in flip-flops year-round, in New York City, I have black ankle boots in my closet that have been worn year after year. I love jackets and coats and trenches — pieces in my closet that really represent classic body shapes but also, because of the environment that I'm in in New York, that I'm just gravitating towards. Whereas, I think, if I were back in California, it might be a little bit different.

"I like a good skinny black jean. I mentioned the brand AYR — I have so many pairs of their jeans that I've acquired over the years and they're so timeless. I also have a couple of their big robe coats that I just love. I just feel like they're so timeless and clean — those staples in your closet that you do want to invest in and are great quality, that will really hold the test of time. 

"The Sculpt Society is probably where I like to mix things up a little bit, try different things. I love just a cute matching top and bottom set. It kind of just feels like an outfit, a little bit more put-together. My go-to, go-to when it comes to working out is a full-length legging and a supportive sports bra. Although, I'm pregnant now, so that's definitely changed a little bit as my bump starts to grow a little bit larger.

"I recently discovered Beyond Yoga through Stitch Fix — they have some really soft activewear fabrics that I love. Girlfriend Collective. Morgan Stewart Sport. I really like this brand called Lanston Sport as well, they've got some really beautiful pieces. I was sent a couple of Vuori from Stitch Fix, and I didn't really know of them before and I love them now. They've got really cute joggers. and really nice tanks that I live in.

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"Pre-pandemic, it was definitely more of a mix of going into the store and online shopping. Obviously, as we're all at home, online shopping has just been what we have. It's been really helpful for me because it's a busy time and honestly getting to work with a company like Stitch Fix has been so great, because, oftentimes, we tend to buy the same pieces over and over again — being able to work with an expert stylist who can really break me out of my routine and hone into my style from an athleisure perspective has been really fun, and being able to try different styles and different colors and put a cute outfit together that I wouldn't normally gravitate towards. Also, it's another decision I don't have to make. I sometimes find shopping can be a little bit tedious and not my top priority, but I still wanna look cute and feel good in an outfit. 

"Through the pandemic, I do a lot of my shopping through influencers that I follow, them talking about different beauty brands or workout brands or clothing lines. Jacey Duprie has really great, simple, classic style — I think a lot of the things I've bought from her have been from her Amazon shop. I love Marianna Hewitt's style and using clean beauty products; through her Instagram posts, I discovered her brand Summer Fridayslip butter balm that is so good. Sivan Ayla is esthetic goals and I recently became a fan of her No. 12 bronzing drops. Such an easy way to drop color into your own moisturizer and gives you the perfect glow. I love Katie Sturino and her Megababe products; the hand sanitizer came out right as COVID hit and it's, hands down, my favorite out there. My scroll time has definitely increased, like most people.

"First and foremost, I’m not the most type A personality. I'm definitely more of a type B. So I really have to hold myself accountable with staying organized. I have two closets: One is my regular clothes, one is for filming and working out in. The workout out closet is much more organized than my everyday closet. I try to keep my sets together — I have a whole folding process, I actually posted that on Instagram, where I fold the top with the leggings together, I color-code it — and that just keeps it really organized for me. I attempt to do that in my regular close, but it's definitely a little bit of a mess in there.

"Keep in mind that this is my full-time job, so I've collected a lot [of matching sets] over the years. I’m embarrassed to say, but I think [I own] about a hundred. I try to keep it fresh on the Sculpt Society videos — even if it's a slight tweak of the outfit. 

"Honestly, my husband has really great style. And I really appreciate this about him: He'll come into the store with me and he won't roll his eyes, he'll want to help me find stuff and he'll often pull things I would never pull for myself and I'll try it on and I love it. He's really great with that. I tend to buy the same silhouettes a lot and he'll kind of force me out of that. I feel lucky, he's a great shopping partner, actually.

"We were actually just shopping for a winter coat at Mackage, and I was going for the every day winter coat and he was like, 'We're here, let's try on something fun that you wouldn't think of.' He convinced me to try on this silhouette that I would have never pulled for myself and ended up loving and getting. It's almost like a trench coat but it's this double-layer puffer — the puffer is underneath and you can remove it. So when the weather warms up, I can remove that inner layer and it still looks like this beautiful, oversized, vintage-y vibe khaki coat.

"I love jewelry. I wear a lot of gold. I have a lot of sentimental pieces. I have this thin gold necklace that I wear and never really take off, from my mom. She got it in Italy when she was 22 and gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years ago. It's just really sentimental. Then, I have a few pieces from my grandmother. I have her wedding band, this beautiful thick gold band that I also love to wear and stack. I have a couple very thin gold bangle bracelets that I wear from her as well. I'll mix and match that with some newer pieces. But I think jewelry just holds so many memories, and it's so fun for me to know my grandmother and my mother both wore those pieces. It's funny, when I got my grandmother's wedding band, I was asked if I wanted to restore it and get some of the scratches and scuff off of it, and I actually decided not to  because I kind of love it as a reminder of where the ring has been, that it's not perfect and that she wore it.

"As far as bags go, I've never been a big bag girl. This is like my athletic, dancer vibe — I just always carry around a big duffel or a backpack. Dagne Dover is so cool and they've done so many amazing simple, classic shapes. I have a bunch of their duffels and backpacks.

"I'm a big sneaker snob... I like to mix and match, especially if I'm doing a Sculpt workout that doesn't require me to jump in the sneaker, I like to go for more of a fashion sneaker and mix it in with the colors I'm wearing. APL has some really cool shapes and styles. I love a good old Asics. I have some from Tory Burch and COS; Adidas Boosts are comfy to walk around in the city. Koio is also a really cool brand that came out with this aerobic sneaker this past summer that has a '90s vibe to it. 

"I'm ever-growing and changing. And while I have my style now, I'm about to move to LA and I'm sure my style's gonna change as I live in California a little bit more. I'm excited to continue to grow."

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