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24 Makeup Organizers That'll Transform Your Bathroom Into Your Dream Vanity

Not to mention make your getting-ready routine — and life — so much easier.

Stocking your makeup kit with the very best tools is one way to feel like a beauty influencer — until it comes time to find that one blending brush, and it's lost in a chaotic bathroom drawer jumble amidst your floss, nail file and all those "missing" hair elastics you can never seem to locate. A pro vlogger would never. That's because they keep their makeup brushes, tools, palettes, lipsticks and more organized and orderly with countertop and in-drawer storage solutions designed specifically to house these items.

We've rounded up some truly game-changing beauty organizers, from multi-tiered drawer sets to ingeniously designed makeup brush holders that spin on mini turntables. And while we've culled plenty of aesthetically-pleasing options made just for stowing makeup, there's also no rule that says you can't stash your spoolies, makeup pencils, lip glosses, fan brushes and lash curlers in pencil cups or toothbrush holders, or set up your eye shadows, blushes and palettes on tiered cake stands. With these finds and a little imagination, you'll be well on your way to creating dream vanity — not to mention making your getting-ready routine (and life) so much easier.

Click through the gallery below to see (and shop!) our top picks.

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