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Great Outfits in Fashion History: Priyanka Chopra Epitomizing Daytime Glamour

This is the energy I'm bringing to my post-pandemic wardrobe.
Priyanka Chopra is seen wearing Vivienne Westwood in Midtown on May 2, 2018

There are perfectly good celebrity style moments, and then there are the looks that really stick with you, the ones you try desperately to recreate at home. In 'Great Outfits in Fashion History,' Fashionista editors are revisiting their all-time favorite lewks.

In the before times, celebrities dressing for back-to-back press events, often changing multiple times a day, became its own spectator event, with outlets and fan sites tracking each outfit worn over the course of the day and the talent themselves sharing every look on their social accounts. Now, with everything happening over Zoom, we don't get that as much — and it's made me miss the casual daytime glamour this specific kind of dressing offered us, one that I've been thinking about even more as we (hopefully) near a vaccinated future that sees us safely going out of the house more. Much has been speculated about what style will look like after all this. In the immediate future, though, I feel I'll likely be more inclined to dress up, for no particular reason other than I'm leaving the house that day. And for that, celebrities doing press offer a pretty good road map. 

This Priyanka Chopra look from 2018 stands out in my memory, first and foremost because of the stunning color. The deep eggplant purple shade of the draped Vivienne Westwood mini dress immediately grabs the eye, which then leads you to admire all the details on the silhouette, like the slight cowl neck, open sleeves and a mid-thigh hem. She paired it with a silky scarf-like handbag by The Row in a slightly different purple hue, white cat-eye sunglasses and white pointed-toe heels. Chopra's outfit is very obviously glamorous, but it doesn't feel unattainable, in the sense that you don't have to be a celebrity to recreate it — like, this could very well be what your always-overdressed friend might show up to brunch wearing. And frankly, that's the energy I'm bringing to my post-pandemic wardrobe. 

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