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A Good Pair of Pointed-Toe Heels Doesn't Go Out of Style

Here are 16 of our favorites.
Tiffany Hsu wears The Attico shoes, Balenciaga jacket and a Kurt Geiger bag on September 15, 2019 in London, England

Pointed-toe heels never get old — that's why the silhouette has been revamped, reimagined and redecorated time and time and time again, for every season and occasion and budget. Their appeal is wide-ranging: They're as timeless as they are versatile. They can make your most comfortable jeans feel just as special as your most beloved spring dress. You can wear them every day or only break them out for a special occasion. More importantly, they can live in your wardrobe for a very, very long time.

Now, there's no going wrong with a nude stiletto — and you can find great options from many brands, like Brother VelliesRebecca Allen, Sarah Flint, Kahmune and M.Gemi, for starters — but we're going to focus on those eye-grabbing styles that you build your outfit around, that you excitedly snap pics of (either for the 'gram or just the group chat), that you reserve that special place in your closet for. Shop some of our favorite joy-inducing pointed-toe heels on the market right now in the galleries, below. 



Vintage-y prints

Pretty in party-ready pink

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