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9 Luxurious Hand Creams With SPF You'll Never Forget to Re-Apply

Don't neglect your hands.

The hands are among the most-neglected areas when it comes to sunscreen application, but being that the backs of the hands are also a part of the body that's most-often exposed to sun (think: driving, taking a walk, doing literally anything while not wearing gloves), they're also particularly vulnerable to sun damage and skin cancer. So it's well worth investing in an SPF-spiked hand cream you'll actually want to use (and re-apply!). 

There are plenty of pleasantly-textured and -scented hand creams out there that also offer sun protection, but it's also worth remembering that just about any sunscreen can be applied to the hands. For those dealing with dry, cracked skin or cuticles, the key is to turn to a formula that has moisturizing ingredients in addition to the ones that offer sun protection. Plus, because we (hopefully) wash our hands many times in the course of a day, it's crucial to remember to re-apply sunscreen after each trip to the sink. 

In the gallery below, we've rounded up nine moisturizing SPF-laced hand creams so luxurious, you'll look forward to re-applying. While not every single one is technically hand-specific, we promise these formulas are each adept at protecting, soothing and moisturizing the area. Click through to see (and shop!) them all.

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