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You and Your Dad Will Love Dad Grass (just in time for Father's Day!)

Introducing Dad Grass, weed that's federally legal and ships right to your door in time for Dad's Day.
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If you'd told teenage me that, in about 15 years, weed would be a viable gift option for Father's Day, she wouldn't have believed you, even if my own dad only thought it was "funny" when he found an old joint in my desk drawer after I left for college. But a charming new brand with a unique approach to the substance has me thinking it is actually the perfect gift for June 20, especially for someone who finds the world of modern cannabis a little intimidating.

The aptly named Dad Grass harkens back to a simpler time, when all weed was flower and it had a fraction of the potency of what you'd find in a dispensary today: Think under 5% THC vs. over 20%. If you're a millennial or even a Gen Z-er, the former is probably what your parents smoked in their youth; and if your mom and dad have ever tried today's legal cannabis, they may have been shocked by its strength.

These days, a single puff can get you where a full joint would have in the '70s or '80s. The world of weed has also grown crowded and complex; not everyone wants to get into the weeds (pun intended) of edibles and vapes, sativa vs. indica, and befuddling strain names. Enter Dad Grass, which is more than just clever branding and nostalgic cigarette packaging; its prerolls and flower impart a chill buzz that's perfect for unwinding after a long day. And you never have to worry about getting too stoned.

If you're trying to get obliterated off the bong, Dad Grass is not for you. Technically, it isn't supposed to get you high at all, because it's made from hemp, which by definition contains less than 0.3% THC. That means it's rich in therapeutic CBD, but unlike — let's face it — most CBD products, you can actually feel something when you're smoking it. You're not high, but you're not not high. It looks like weed, it smells like weed, and while you're smoking it, you get that familiar feeling of smoking weed, only without the paranoia, or that inability to do anything other than watch TV, that "real" weed can cause. The brand's founders like to say it's "like a glass of wine, not the whole bottle."

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Like dad hats, dad sneakers and dad jeans, Dad Grass is of course not just for dads, it's for all of us who want a more casual approach to consuming cannabis. I like it for those moments when I want to indulge in something relaxing without being impaired, or I want something to accompany a glass of wine that lacks the strong effects of a high-THC product, or the harmful ones of a cigarette. Personally, when I do use THC-dominant weed, it isn't a social activity, but Dad Grass is something I can pass around with friends without fear of becoming quiet and anxious and developing a sudden and deep desire to go home or hit "undo" on that evening's decisions.

While Dad Grass's whole thing is taking all the confusing vocabulary and gimmicks out of weed, there is one less-familiar term it wants to educate you on: CBG. This is the main ingredient in its second product, Mom Grass. Also made from 100% organic hemp, it's intended to provide a more focused calm than Dad Grass's deeply relaxing buzz. Both products, the brand's founders assure me, can be enjoyed by all gender identities, regardless of whether or not they've ever produced offspring. (The company's biggest demographic, across its entire offering, is actually women aged 25 to 34.) Still, there's no denying that these products are extremely cute options for parental gifts. And best of all, because they're made from federally legal hemp, you can simply order it online directly from the brand — no dispensary needed.

Shop a few Dad Grass products perfect for Father's Day — and maybe grab a preroll or two for yourself — in the gallery below.

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