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The Inevitable Has Occurred: Isabel Marant Is Bringing Back Her Wedge Sneakers

Are you ready for this comeback?
isabel marant wedge sneaker street style

[extremely Sophia Petrillo voice] Picture it: Fashion month, 2012. All the girlies are wearing the Isabel Marant Bekett, a puffed-up, pillow-y sneaker with a hidden wedge heel that proved practical for both editors on-the-go and models looking to nail that MOD (that's "model-off-duty," for those in the know) look. There are few things more covetable than Marant's take on comfort dressing, as proven by the literal explosion of copycats for this style, seen from haute couture to high street.

Well, because the wheel of fashion turns ever-faster, the time has officially come for Marant's wedge sneaker to make its comeback — after all, with over a year of athleisure and sweats under our belts, we're practically primed to want a comfortable-yet-stylish shoe again. (Also, it's the 10 year anniversary of the original. They grow up so fast!) 

"I've never stopped wanting to wear them," Marant said, in a press release. "The most comfortable things are the things you will always wear and that you are never fed up with." 

For the record, the designer never really stopped selling them, either: You can still find the Bekett to snap up for your own. In 2021, though, Marant pumped up the volume, adding more height into the heel on a style she's dubbed the Balskee. It has all the chunky, oversized velcro strap appeal of the Bekett on 10 centimeters of sole.

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Check out the reissued Isabel Marant  wedge sneaker in the gallery below:

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