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Jeremy Scott Brings the Glitz and Glam of Old Hollywood to Moschino for Resort 2022

It wouldn't be a Jeremy Scott collection without a theme.
Moschino Resort 2022 Still

When anticipating a new Jeremy Scott-designed collection, the question is always, "What will the theme be?" We know he loves to go all in on one idea or reference — whether that's rococopuppetry or game shows — with that often literal, always tongue-in-cheek sensibility that's come to define his work at Moschino. For Resort 2022, the designer returns to a favorite, familiar source of inspiration (one he tapped into as recently as Fall 2021): old Hollywood. 

Scott follows up his "The Women"-themed autumnal line with a resort collection that, in his own words, is "all about song and dance." And he means it quite literally, as it debuts in the form of a short musical titled titled "Lighting Strikes" starring Karen Elson, filmed at the legendary Universal Studios lots.

"I wanted to take the excitement, the glamour and the whimsy of all the old Hollywood musicals and use them as a vehicle to show this collection," he said, in a statement. "Few things make me happier than when style and cinema collide." 

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In "Lighting Strikes," we meet Elson in a diner, where she's a waitress. The staff is wearing retro-inspired, rainbow-colorblocked shirtdresses, while the customers are outfitted in Moschino-branded varsity jackets, cardigans and pleated mini skirts, as well as matching sets bearing vintage-inspired graphics of food you might see on the menu. It's all part of the Moschino Resort 2022 collection.

We follow our protagonist into the kitchen for a dream sequence, Elson and crew clad in sequined dresses, suiting and more food-inspired high-fashion (think a whipped cream bustier with a chocolate milkshake skirt, a hot dog pencil dress with bun cape and a wearable burger reminiscent of Katy Perry's 2019 Met Gala outfit change). From there, we go back out through the diner and onto the street, where Elson walks past folks in pinstriped three-piece suits and matching fedoras, uptown day dresses, elegant outerwear and more — before breaking out into a dance sequence, naturally. Finally, Elson enters a movie theater for the grand finale, which sees her wearing a metallic fuchsia leather dress and shrunken biker jacket with fringe on a set made to look like the inside of a pinball machine, as performers in printed beachwear gather around her, before... Well, we won't spoil it. 

See the full Moschino Resort 2022 collection in the gallery, below.

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