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We're eager for a summer of fun — we're talking red solo cups strewn about rooftops, dancing to the nostalgic beat of Zedd's "Clarity" — after a year spent largely at home. And designers have taken this hotly-anticipated energy and run with it. The result may be the best era of going-out clothes yet. 

Gone are the days when bars are filled with groups of people dressed in slinky black tank tops and high-waisted jeans: (S)Hot Girl Summer is a buffet of party-wear, and on the menu is everything from chainmail skirts to bold catsuits. It's almost as if we needed a break from going out to revitalize the all-important category, which for many of us began with bandaged skirts in college. There's an anything goes mentality with the current range of sexy garments, as well as a greater understanding of comfort — we did live in sweatpants for most of 2020, after all. 

With this in mind, we've pulled together our favorite (S)Hot Girl Summer staples in the galleries below. From a cool leather vest to sheer flared pants and everything in between, these are the pieces that will invite you to live your best vaccinated life. 




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