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Must Read: Why the Victoria's Secret Angels Lasted So Long, Top Advice Beauty Brands Get From Retailers

Plus, Burberry's CEO steps down to join Salvatore Ferragamo.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Monday.

Why the Victoria's Secret Angels lasted so long
Fashion critic Vanessa Friedman explores the phenomenon of the Victoria's Secret Angels for The New York Times, pondering the longevity and popularity of the lingerie models. "Before we dismiss this pageantry as an embarrassing blot on the collective culture, perhaps we should ask a different question: Why did it work for so long in the first place?" she writes. "Though on one level it was about (of course) the next iteration of pinup culture as defined by, and catering to, men, the success of Victoria's Secret, once a mere catalog company, was also the product of a host of cultural phenomena as fashion, entertainment, branding, sex and kitsch all began to merge at the turn of the millennium." {The New York Times}

The top advice beauty brands get from retailers
Jane Carlson outlines some of the most common feedback beauty brands receive from retailers for Beauty Independent. Among the included insights are: finding unique points of differentiation, upgrading packaging, doing more to drive awareness, focusing the product assortment and ensuring that distribution is aligned with target retail partners. "Beauty brands rarely check every box buyers are looking for," notes Carlson. "Founders should be open to receiving critical feedback and making adjustments." {Beauty Independent}

Burberry CEO steps down, joins Ferragamo
Marco Gobbetti, who has served as Burberry's chief executive since 2017, is stepping down from the company to join Salvatore Ferragamo in Italy. Gobbetti will remain in his current role at Burberry until the end of the year. The company has yet to name his successor. {Business of Fashion}

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