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Must Read: Bergdorf Goodman Expands Beauty Offering, the Resurgence of Y2K Fashion Trends

Plus, a look at the makeup in the new 'Gossip Girl' series.
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These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

Bergdorf Goodman expands its beauty offering
On Friday, Bergdorf Goodman introduced an overhauled version of its beauty department. Per James Manso of WWD, "The retailer will be launching a new beauty edit centered around new innovations in beauty, ranging from technologically advanced products to those with natural ingredients. Dubbed the BG Beauty Edit, the new curation will live both in brick-and-mortar and online." Bergdorf Goodman is also set to launch a "Men's Self-Care Shop" stocked with grooming products on Aug. 18. {WWD}

The resurgence of Y2K fashion trends
Frances Solá-Santiago explores the comeback of Y2K fashion trends like low-rise jeans, whale tails and corsets for Refinery29. "From the vantage point of the 2020s, the turn of the millennium — once deemed an era of pop culture disruption and the Internet boom — is a chapter now old enough to be considered vintage," she writes. In the piece, Solá-Santiago consults fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, who notes that "these fashion moments point to a desire to exit our current circumstances." {Refinery29}

On the makeup in the new "Gossip Girl" series
Tessa Petak interviewed Amy Tagliamonti, the makeup department head for the new "Gossip Girl" series, for InStyle, highlighting the ways in which the makeup serves as "the perfect marriage of classic looks and today's TikTok trends." Tagliamonti tells Petak: "The makeup on this new version is darker or bolder at times which differs from the original. The new cast and their characters offer a new opportunity to continue playing and pushing with makeup." {InStyle}

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