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19 Refillable Beauty Products to Help Cut the Waste (and Plastic!) From Your Routine

You'll probably be shocked by how many of your favorites can be refilled and re-used.

There was a time when there were about two (2) refillable beauty products on the market, and neither of them were ones you'd actually want to use. That era is long gone. 

Luxury beauty and drugstore brands alike have put innovation behind developing refillable versions of their most beloved hair, skin, makeup and products — and creating truly beautiful, appealing packaging to boot. (Exhibit A: Beautycounter's The Clean Deo, shown above, which is easily the sexiest underarm product to have ever existed.) Celebrities like Rihanna and Pharrell have also made it a priority to offer refillable options from their respective skin-care brands, Fenty Skin and Humanrace, solidifying the cool factor associated with reducing excess waste in beauty. One brand called Izzy Zero Waste Beauty even offers a "no-waste" mascara in re-usable metal tubes that can be mailed back to the company (in a re-usable cloth pouch) for refilling.

It's important to note that by far, the single most sustainable way to tweak your beauty routine is to reduce the number of products you're using in the first place. (It's even more important to remember that the real burdens of slowing climate change and creating a more sustainable world fall to the huge corporations that are causing the most significant issues in the first place, not individual consumers.) But choosing re-usable and/or refillable vessels that foster longevity, reduce waste, cut down on the use of plastic and minimize the carbon footprint associated with transporting heavy packaging can certainly be worthwhile.

In the gallery below, we've rounded up the very best refillable products right now from every category, including hair, makeup, skin-care and even deodorant. Click through to see (and shop!) our picks.

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