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12 Color-Correcting Concealers to Brighten Undereye Circles

They're like an IRL Instagram filter for your tiredness.

Whether fueled by sleep deprivation, one too many glasses of wine or just, you know, being a human, dark undereye circles are among the most persistent signs of fatigue that can show up on our faces. Brightening concealers and color correctors designed specifically for the delicate, prone-to-crepiness skin under the eyes offer a solution: These formulas neutralize bluish or shadowy tints on any skin tone, without settling into fine lines or appearing dull or cakey. They're like an IRL Instagram filter for your tiredness — because absolutely no one has ever enjoyed being told they look like they didn't get enough sleep last night. (Seriously, can we all just be cool and agree to stop saying that already?)

In the gallery below, see (and shop!) 12 brightening, fatigue-masking color correctors and concealers we love.

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