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Must Read: Halsey Covers 'Allure,' Supermodel Adut Akech Covers 'Elle'

Plus, how Christopher John Rogers landed the "Gossip Girl" gig.
allure cover halsey

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Tuesday.

Halsey covers Allure
Halsey poses for Allure's August cover in a body-skimming Salvatore Ferragamo chainmail dress that shows off her baby bump in shoot by Jackie Nickerson. In an intimate profile by Danielle Pergament, the Grammy nominated singer opened up about the origins of her relationship, the realities of her pregnancy, her advice for people struggling with identity and how growing up in a biracial family helped prepare her for parenthood. {Allure

Supermodel Adut Akech covers Elle
Model Adut Akech covers the August issue of Elle in a sequined Prada look. For the accompanying story, Akech spoke to Roxanne Fequiere about her childhood as a South Sudanese refugee, the bullying and racism she endured after emigrating to Australia as a child, what being named an Estée Lauder global brand ambassador means to her, and how she sees her modeling work as a step toward creating a world in which people like herself won't have to question their worth: "I never, ever, in my wildest dreams, thought I would have achieved half the things that I have now. I do this for my little sisters. I do it for little Black girls all around the world. I do it for refugees. I do it for people who are not seen and not heard. That's my responsibility."{Elle

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How Christopher John Rogers landed the "Gossip Girl" gig 
Vogue got the behind-the-scenes scoop on how Christopher John Rogers linked up with "Gossip Girl" costume designer Eric Daman and show creator Joshua Safran to land a coveted cameo for both himself and his Spring 2021 collection on the first episode of the series reboot. Rogers and Daman recalled the entire collaborative process for Vogue's Liam Hess, from making the initial connection (thanks to Fashionista's very own editor-in-chief Tyler McCall), to building the visuals. {Vogue

Brands face increased scrutiny on labor rights 
After the pandemic left millions of garments workers with limited social safety nets, activists and regulators are putting more pressure on brands to reform their supply chain. Sarah Kent outlines the problems garment workers face and the role brands play in supporting and protecting them in a piece for Business of Fashion, writing that the crisis has given companies "an opportunity to reset with a new, more robust social contract that secures safe working conditions, reasonable hours and fair wages across the industry." {Business of Fashion

Is Shein the next fast fashion giant? 
Terry Nguyen dives into the history and rising popularity of Shein in a new piece for Vox. The China-based company, which has reached cult status thanks to its ubiquity on TikTok, has a fast-fashion business model where "excess can be made accessible through mysteriously low prices, with little care for environmental costs or transparency about its labor force." Regardless, Nguyen writes that "Shein seems poised to be the fashion giant of the decade, and investors are scrambling to look for other retailers that could copy its speedy supply chain." {Vox

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