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Must Read: Brands and Unions Agree to Extend Bangladesh Accord, the Makings of a Black Hair Desert

Plus, the NFT boom comes for fashion.
Labourers work at their stations separated by partitions as a preventive measure against the Covid-19 coronavirus at the Civil Engineers Limited garments factory in Dhaka

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Wednesday.

Brands and unions agree to extend Bangladesh Accord for two years
Days before it was set to expire, brands and trade unions agreed to extend the Bangladesh Accord, which helps ensure safe and healthy working conditions for garment workers, until 2023, Rachel Deeley reports for Business of Fashion. The new, legally binding agreement is titled International Accord for Health And Safety in the Textile and Garment Industry and will extend beyond Bangladesh to protect workers in other regions; its signatories will be announced on Sept. 1, when it goes into effect. {Business of Fashion}

The makings of a Black hair desert
In Allure, Kaitlyn McNab reports on American Black hair deserts and those forced to make lengthy trips simply to find a salon and stylist that has experience with textured hair — often facing upcharges in addition to the travel — and their implications for the Black community. {Allure}

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The NFT boom comes for fashion
Whitney Bauck writes about non-fungible tokens (a.k.a. NFTs) making their way from the art world into the fashion industry, "creating a market where shoes and dresses that only exist as digital files sell for couture prices," in the Financial Times. {Financial Times}

Meet the founders behind those 'Latina Power' shirts
Angela Bonilla spotlights Veronica and Jennifer Zeano, the spouses behind JZD, a lifestyle brand that makes products celebrating Latinx identity (i.e. those "Latina Power" T-shirts you might've seen on Instagram), in Refinery29. {Refinery29}

H&M Foundation announces 2022 Global Change Award
For the 2022 edition of its Global Change Award — which recognizes "early-stage innovations contributing to a planet-positive fashion industry" through grants — the H&M Foundation is narrowing in on "solutions that address one or several of the global commons [land, water, oceans, climate and biodiversity]," the group announced on Wednesday. This new scope "will lead to a true shift for the fashion industry, transforming this industry into a planet positive one," Erik Bang, Innovation Lead at the H&M Foundation, said in a statement. "With all creative innovations out there ready to scale, there is real hope that the fashion industry can become truly sustainable." Applications open on Aug. 25 through Oct. 20, with winners announced in April 2022. {Fashionista Inbox}

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