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13 Lengthening Mascaras to Try Instead of Lash Extensions

These formulas build lots of fluttery, dramatic length — without clumping.

Lash extensions are amazing for creating an extra-long, fluttery, dramatic effect — but they're also pricey, time consuming, difficult to maintain and can even be damaging to natural lashes. If you're looking for a simpler alternative, allow us to direct your attention to some of our very favorite lengthening mascaras. They combine smooth, glide-on formulas with innovative, catch-every-hair applicators — and (in some cases), built-in fibers that act like temporary extensions until you wash them off. Most of them are also spiked with conditioning ingredients to keep lashes healthy, making the most of your natural length. (For even more length sans professional extensions, try a conditioning serum to boost growth before even applying a speck of makeup.) Also crucial: These mascaras accomplish all of that without ever appearing clumpy, stiff, flakey or spider-y.

In the gallery below, we've rounded up our 13 favorite lengthening mascaras

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