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14 Lip Treatments That Work So Much Harder Than Traditional Balms

These multi-tasking formulas are like if your standard lip products had a whole bunch of superpowers.

There's no shortage of moisturizing lip balms out there. But today's lip treatments also go way beyond simple hydration, offering a whole host of benefits in addition to making lips less parched. Whether overnight masks, supercharged serums or amped-up glosses, these multi-tasking formulas are like if your standard lip products got bit by a radioactive spider — in other words, they pretty much have lip-enhancing superpowers.

Some ward off signs of aging with retinol, while others work on firmness and plumpness thanks to the inclusion of peptides. There are also ones packed with antioxidants, plant butters, hyaluronic acid and just about every other buzzy skin-care ingredient you can think of. In the gallery below, we've selected a variety of lip treatments for every preference and concern. Click through to see (and shop!) them all.

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