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Enjoy — and Protect — the Outdoors With These Eco-Friendly Activewear Staples

By using TENCEL™ fibers, these pieces not only help maintain environmental balance — they also keep you cool.
tencel activewear

If you're anything like me, the end of summer often brings about a sense of needing to do as many outdoor activities as possible while the weather's still warm. I want to relax outside, I want to socialize outside with friends and family, and, especially after The Year Spent Indoors due to lockdowns, I have a strong urge to take my workout routine out into nature — with long walks, runs, bike rides and hikes.

In California, where I live, there's an abundance of beautiful scenery and trails to enjoy; but just as the clock is ticking on summer, it's also ticking for the future of the environment as the effects of climate change become increasingly tangible. While the things we choose to wear only make up one small piece of this puzzle, I prefer to go for eco-friendly clothing as it feels good to wear clothes that aren't actively contributing to environmental degradation.

TENCEL™ is a textile fiber brand offering eco-fibers derived from renewable wood sources from sustainably managed forests, that are produced via eco-responsible production processes, are traceable via blockchain technology, and are compostable and biodegradable. Activewear brands are using this fiber with increasing frequency in everything from sweats to leggings to sports bras — and not just because of sustainability, but also because it's very comfortable to wear!

Activewear fabrics made with TENCEL™ fibers are naturally breathable and moisture-absorbing and thus able to keep the body cool and dry. They're also soft and gentle on skin, making them great for lounging on the couch as well, if that's more your thing. Besides clothing, they are also being used in footwear, including a New Balance 574 style, as well as the Allbirds x Adidas "Futurecraft" low-carbon-footprint running shoe launching next year.

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By wearing clothes and shoes that have less of an environmental footprint, we're playing a small part in ensuring we'll be able to enjoy nature for longer. Plus, we don't have to sacrifice style to do so. Now, you can shop our favorite TENCEL™ activewear staples below to enjoy the final days of summer, and beyond!