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Is It Too Early to Call It the Year of the Pleated Mini Skirt?

With tennis fashion and nostalgia dressing at an all-time high, it's shaping up to be a 2021 must-have.
Recreational Habits Tennis Skirt 4

Judging from the first half of the year, the tennis skirt is emerging as an — if not the — "it" item of 2021. From the first warm days of spring to well through the summer, a pleated mini has become a staple in many Hot Vax Summer wardrobes, whether styled with an oversized crewneck (in a '90s prep sort of way), a corset or tank top and platforms (a nod to pop-punk) or with a matching blazer (because a Cher Horowitz reference always works). 

The tennis skirt's ubiquitousness lies in the fact that it sits at the intersection of various trending aesthetics. There's the prep look, brought back by "Gossip Girl" (both pandemic rewatches and the HBO Max reboot) and elevated by brands like Thom Browne and Monse; there's the aforementioned pop-punk revival; and, on the athleisure front, there's a renewed interest in the tennis aesthetic. Plus, over the past year, we've seen it tennis skirts on everyone from Olivia Rodrigo to the members of Blackpink — and there's nothing quite like a big celebrity push to solidify an item's desirability. 

Want to hop on board the tennis skirt trend? Check out the options in the gallery, below, to get started on your journey. 

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