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The 29 Best Beauty Looks From New York Fashion Week Street Style

Plenty of the inspiring hair, makeup and nail looks we've been craving during this past year-plus of doom and gloom.
On the street at New York Fashion Week. 

On the street at New York Fashion Week. 

Street style is back, and with it, the boldly cheeky and downright inspired hair, makeup and nails we've all no doubt been craving during this past year-plus of doom and gloom. 

Outside the New York Spring 2022 shows, braids — in inventively twisty and practical pulled-off-the-face styles — were a beauty staple, with adornments like neon ribbons and wooden beads lending an extra touch of personality. Sleek ponytails, neon and two-tone hair colors, voluminous Afros and coiffed-to-perfection finger waves offered other standout hair moments among the street style crowd. And while hair accessories were far less ubiquitous than they'd been in recent past seasons, a handful of showgoers did wear them, whether piling on clips for a statement-making look or decorating a simple loose hairstyle with a quirky cat-accented bobby pin.

On the makeup front, one emerging trend was bare faces (or at least those that appeared bare), perhaps a remnant of months spent eschewing color cosmetics during quarantine. Still, some New York Fashion Week attendees went for a more-is-more approach, whether via striking eyeliner, moody lip colors, bedazzled nails or some combination thereof. 

In the gallery below, we've rounded up a selection of 29 of our very favorite beauty street style moments from outside the New York Spring 2022 shows. Click through to see 'em all.

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