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Oh My God, Dakota Johnson!

Empty head, no thoughts, just Dakota in Gucci.

I have made absolutely no secret of my love for Dakota Johnson and her style on this website over the years, in a way that I personally think is fine and completely normal. And you would think that, by now, I might have some kind of immunity to seeing a particularly strong red carpet look from the actor by now. But, after seeing what she wore to the New York Film Festival on Wednesday night, I can attest that this is emphatically not the case. 

This outfit is the brainchild of stylist Kate Young — which, if you're not watching her YouTube channel, you absolutely should be, as she's one of the best stylists working in Hollywood — and is made up almost exclusively of pieces from Gucci, a brand which real fans will remember only exists so that Johnson can have things to wear on the red carpet. I pretty much turned into the human version of the heart-eye emoji when I first saw it in my Instagram feed last night and have stayed that way ever since. 

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The star of the look is clearly the black lace bustier subtly embroidered with the Gucci logo, which looks incredibly cool paired with the black leather pants and only solidifies my desire to build out a collection of lingerie I can wear with trousers.

There's a matte black, slim Gucci Marmont belt to round out the branded moment, but then, Young breaks away from the Italian house with a pair of stilettos from Gianvito Rossi and a simple diamond necklace from Cartier. Obviously, this look is sexy — it's lingerie as outerwear, after all — but it's also just cool, thanks to the contrasting textures and the simple styling choices, like her understated makeup by Georgie Eisdell. Also, how good does Johnson's hair look!? This is how I imagine my hair would look if I tried to style it myself, even though I know it wouldn't because I lack Mark Townsend's skills

I am, quite frankly, surprised I was able to eke out this many words about this red carpet moment when, in fact, my current state of being is: Empty head, no thoughts, just these photos of Dakota Johnson in Gucci at the New York Film Festival.

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