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Must Read: London Fashion Week Gives Space to the Next Generation, Inside the Crocs Comeback

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Wednesday.

London Fashion Week gives space to the next generation
With big names like Burberry left off the official London Fashion Week calendar, there was a bit question mark as to what would stir up excitement in the British capital. In Susanna Lau's LFW write-up for Business of Fashion, she highlights the various other ways that the city generated a buzz, including how it created a space for emerging designers to shine, and the clever runway concepts that its designers thought up this season. {Business of Fashion

Inside the Crocs comeback 
What exactly made Crocs go from the most laughed-at to most loved shoes? Cam Wolf tracks the footwear brand's path to cool in a piece for GQ, writing that while the once-hated clog has the pandemic and a new interest in ugly fashion to thank for its current popularity, it's the collaborations that solidified its top spot on the shoe scene. "Crocs' comeback, like a fondue fork, is two-pronged. Changing tastes in footwear is part of it, but nothing has helped change the idea of the Crocs clog quite like its ambitious slate of collaborations," Wolf writes. "In the past several years, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, fast-food joint KFC, Anwar Carrots, Alife and others have made their own Crocs." {GQ

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