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The Moschino Spring 2022 Collection Is Child's Play for Jeremy Scott

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There's very little that could put a stop to a Jeremy Scott party, and that includes rain. 

Though the weather put a slight damper (no pun intended) on Thursday's grand Moschino plans — the show was held outdoors in Bryant Park, and guests were meant to be seated at little cafe tables that got scrapped after getting soggy — the show went on following a half-hour delay, with Gigi Hadid storming the runway before everyone could even finish taking their seats.

This marked the second occasion Scott brought the Italian brand he helms to his own stomping grounds, and having already covered the whole "gritty New York City" theme, he looked uptown for Spring 2022. The vibe was all about babies-who-lunch — yes, you read that correctly. Smartly tailored skirt suits and darling little day dresses were done up in children's motifs. Think: patchwork stuffed animals, refrigerator magnet lettering, wooden alphabet blocks, oversized buttons and heart-shaped bags, all mixed up in nursery-worthy pastels.

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From an abstract perspective, it was some of Scott's strongest work. The clothes were bright, optimistic and sophisticated (in shape, anyway; it's hard to imagine many grown women scrambling to get their hands on cartoon-emblazoned trench coats). Moschino is at its most fun when Scott hits that balance between the quirky and the wearable, as was the case for the scalloped silk dresses or the candy-colored tweed sets.

It must be said, however, that there was something off-putting about infantilizing women — quite literally, in the case of hot pants fastened with a safety-pin belt, a toy baby mobile headpiece, or a baby bottle clutch. I'm sure there isn't anything more to it than Scott taking his love of a theme to the absolute limit and beyond, but still, the overall effect was weird in 2021. 

Katy Perry is going to look amazing in one of those blankie-gowns from the finale, though. 

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