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Sustainable Materials Aren't Just for Clothing

Cozy up your home for fall with these eco-friendly options.

Spending an inordinate amount of time at home over the past year and a half has made me think more about the things I put in my apartment than I ever have; I'm considering everything from aesthetics to functionality to the ethics behind the products I'm buying. And I know I'm not alone: The pandemic ignited a massive shift in consumer spending towards home goods and away from things that played less of a role in our daily lives, like travel, restaurants and entertainment.

As places open up, those other categories are on the rebound, but many of us not are ready to go back to thoughtless home shopping. As fall arrives, it's the perfect time to make sure our personal spaces are as warm and cozy as possible. But when looking for, say, a comfortable and luxurious new set of sheets (important for both sleep quality and bingeing "Gilmore Girls," an autumnal necessity), it's one thing to find the perfect shade of dusty rose, but it's even better when that set is made using environmentally responsible materials.

As with the fabrics we put on our bodies, those we use to decorate our homes have gotten a sustainable makeover, giving rise to innovative new options that use upcycled and/or botanic fibers without sacrificing style, function or comfort.

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TENCEL™ is a textile fiber brand offering eco-fibers derived from renewable wood sources from sustainably managed forests, that are produced via eco-responsible production processes, traceable via blockchain technology, and compostable and biodegradable. They are also produced using less water than cotton alternatives. Filling your home with TENCEL™ is akin to bringing the essence of nature into your home to create a sanctuary of long-lasting comfort and softness.

When used in bedding, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers give a natural silky handfeel and sheen. They're smooth and comfortable for sensitive skin, and efficiently absorb moisture to ensure you stay cool and dry throughout the night. So say goodbye to hot-girl summer and hello to sad-girl fall spent in bed with some particularly stylish, eco-friendly options that can be found in the gallery below.