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6 High-Tech Humidifiers to Keep Skin Dewy and Hydrated Year-Round

The ultimate cure for winter dryness and dullness.

As the weather becomes cooler in the fall and winter, it also becomes much drier — cold air retains less moisture than warm air — and it can wreak havoc on skin, creating dryness, dullness and all around dreariness. One of the simplest fixes has nothing to do with investing in a fancy face cream: Get a humidifier. 

Adding a humidifier to your space, whether near your desk during the day or bedside overnight, can make all the difference when it comes to regulating winter dryness and keeping skin dewy and hydrated year-round. Cool mist humidifiers (which don't rely on hot steam to disperse water into an environment) keep bacteria and mold growth at bay, and many of the latest models also have built-in filters to keep things extra clean.  

Besides simply surrounding skin with more moisture, humidifiers have a whole bunch of other wellness and beauty-related benefits: They enable skin-care products containing humectants — ingredients which trap water in the skin — to work more effectively, can prevent the nasal passages and eyes from becoming uncomfortably parched, help to soothe the airway and prevent chapped lips.

In the gallery below, we've rounded up the very best humidifiers on the market, from ultra-luxurious multitaskers that purify as they infuse moisture into the air to miniature portable gadgets perfect for daytime desk use and travel. Click through to see (and shop!) them all.

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