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19 Actually Cute Accessories That Won't Damage Hair

Including claw clips, scrunchies, headbands, wraps and more.

Hair accessories — the more, the better — have remained one of the most pervasive and persistent beauty trends over the past few years. But even if the accessories themselves are cute, what's decidedly un-cute is if they cause damage to the hair. Snags, snarls and snaps can all result from harsh clips, headbands or hair ties that get tangled, rough up strands and create breakage. Unless, of course, they're mindfully designed to keep hair healthy.

That's where materials like resin, silk and velvet come in: They slip over the hair gently, enhance smoothness, allow curls to maintain their springy shape, minimize static and grip strands without tugging — not to mention, they look damn good while they do it. In the gallery below, we've rounded up 19 actually cute hair accessories that won't cause damage — including claw clips, scrunchies, headbands, wraps and more. Click through to see (and shop!) them all.

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