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Start Living in Fall 2023 With These Color Trends

Find out what will be trending two years from now, and why.
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After these past couple of years, the idea of trying to predict what things will be like a couple years from now almost feels futile. Still, it wouldn't be so outlandish to at least hope that in 2023, a global pandemic won't be occupying quite as much of our time and headspace, and we'll be free to focus on some other things.

This hope is shared by the professional trend forecasters at industry-leading agency WGSN, which teamed up once again with the color experts at Coloro to determine the colors that will be trending in Fall 2023. They all have unique properties, but overall, the hues WGSN and Coloro believe we'll gravitate towards were picked expressly because, they argue, we'll be focused on transitioning out of this challenging time by adjusting our lifestyles and building our visions for the future.

From L to R: Digital Lavender, Astro Dust, Galactic Cobalt, Sage Leaf, Apricot Crush.

From L to R: Digital Lavender, Astro Dust, Galactic Cobalt, Sage Leaf, Apricot Crush.

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"Our key colors capture the evolving behaviors of the consumer and are sensitive to their shifting emotional states and changing lifestyles," explains Jenny Clark, head of color at WGSN. "We believe confidence will return and vibrant, energizing colors will resonate, connecting to travel and discovery, reigniting the imagination. In contrast, healing and settling tones will appeal to people seeking to calm and rebalance their body and mind."

These colors are: Digital Lavender, the 2023 color of the year; Astro Dust, a mid-tone red; Galactic Cobalt, an intense, bright blue; Sage Leaf, a quiet green; and Apricot Crush, a mid-tone orange that's a bit brighter than a pastel. Clark adds that these colors are "transseasonal" and may carry over into 2024.

Click through to learn a bit more about each color and how it might best be used, according to the experts at WGSN and Coloro.

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