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The category of design-led pet goods for childless millennials has exploded in the past couple of years. With the proliferation of new direct-to-consumer brands determined to disrupt the pet industry and the trend of established luxury labels cutting four armholes into tiny versions of their signature styles, there's no shortage of ways to spoil our four-legged friends and ensure that their clothes and accessories are aligned with our personal brands and aesthetics.

Of course, even the most obsessive pet owners might concede that spending their heard-earned money in Ssense's pets section isn't always the most practical decision. However, these at-times frivolous items make the perfect gifts for those friends and family members whose entire personality consists of having a pet, whether they bring their perfectly groomed Pomeranian literally everywhere they go or won't stop posting photos of their overweight cat "sitting like a human."

We scoured the internet for the best status-y, on-trend pet clothes; accessories that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing; bougie pet wellness and grooming products; and items for humans to proudly display their love for their pets. And unlike a lot of these kinds of articles, this roundup is inclusive of dogs AND cats (even though, yes, dogs are more likely to submit to wearing clothes). Not to be a bitch (pun intended), but hating cats is anti-feminist. And while we're at it, adopt don't shop!!!

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