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You Have to See Zendaya's Dress From Every Angle

She kicked off her latest press tour with a callback to an iconic "Spider-Man" character.
Zendaya  Ballon D'Or photocall at Theatre du Chatelet 1

If there's one thing we know about Zendaya, it's that she loves to weave in subtle references into her big fashion moments. She's said so herself — and admitted as much on Instagram on Monday evening, when a fan account noted that her look for the Ballon D'Or photo call in Paris was reminiscent of a famous "Spider-Man" antagonist.

Zendaya made the first of what will surely be many appearances in the lead-up to "Spider-Man: No Way Home" (the movie comes out on Dec. 17). She and Law Roach weren't about to wait to unleash the capital-f Fashion, though. 

They picked a formfitting open-back gown from the Roberto Cavalli Fall 2000 collection, and had current creative director Fausto Puglisi give it an update. He maintained a key design element: a golden spine jewelry piece adorning the open back. 

Zendaya  Ballon D'Or photocall at Theatre du Chatelet 2
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This is also where the callback to "Spider-Man" comes in, which fans were quick to catch onto: @dayacrue posted a side-by-side of the hardware on her Roberto Cavalli gown and of Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus and his AI arms, noting the similarities between the two: "Zendaya as Dr. Octopus but make it fashion," they wrote. Zendaya then reposted it to her Instagram Stories, adding, "we love a reference." Hey, there's a reason she's a Fashion Icon.

To keep the attention on the back of the Roberto Cavalli dress, Zendaya swept her hair into a low bun, and accessorized with a pair of oversized gold hoop earrings and not much else. 

Ah, what did we do to deserve back-to-back Zendaya press tours, for "Dune," now "Spider-Man" and, soon enough, "Euphoria"? 

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