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17 Stylish Silk and Satin Scrunchies That Are Gentle on Hair

These accessories prevent breakage, frizz and flyaways without compromising on chicness.

Too-tight ponytails and topknots can often be the main culprits of breakage and damage to hair — even more so when they're secured with elastics that can catch and snag strands. That's why the resurgence of the scrunchie has been such good news for anyone partial to wearing their hair up: The stretchy, soft accessory is a gentler alternative to traditional hair ties, and goes a long way toward preserving hair health. Plus, whether used to aid in the styling process or to keep hair in place overnight, scrunchies can help protect natural curl patterns and prevent the formation of "dents" that are dead giveaways of second- or third-day hair.

But if you're really looking for the gentlest possible hair accessory, choosing a scrunchie in silk or satin is your best bet. Smooth materials reduce friction and snagging, while silk specifically has been shown to absorb fewer natural oils and moisture from the hair, so it won't exacerbate dryness or winter static. 

In the gallery below, we've rounded up 17 silk and satin scrunchies that help prevent breakage, frizz and flyaways without compromising on chicness. Click through to see (and shop!) them all.

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