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Perhaps the planned punctuations to life — weddings, holidays, promotions — didn't live up to your expectations this year, or maybe you felt like you had more bad days than good. End-of-year reflections bring everything that's happened over the last 12 months to the surface, and while it's easy to fixate on the things that went wrong, there's a way to find joy even in something as insignificant as a Skims bra purchase. 

We, at Fashionista, were lucky enough to pick up a few closet additions this year that made us smile, and in an effort to close the 2021 chapter on a positive note, we're sharing them in the galleries below. 

From party-ready heels that passed the New York Fashion Week five-mile test to a checkered dog knit, and from splurges on Prada to comfort-first buys on Crocs, our favorite purchases are made up of items both big and small. Read on to get more info on our best buys of the year, and maybe even snag one (or two) for yourself.

Tyler McCall, Editor-in-Chief 

Ana Colón, Senior Editor

Stephanie Saltzman, Beauty Director 

Dhani Mau, West Coast Editor 

Liza Sokol, Senior Audience Development Manager

Dara Prant, Market Editor 

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