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Searches for Gucci Products Soar, Like a Pigeon, Following "House of Gucci"

Proof that the costumes were more convincing than the accents.

"House of Gucci," a film in which no single actor behaves as though they have been cast in the same movie (and in Jared Leto's case, the same universe), is certainly garnering mixed reviews: The actual Gucci family hates it, Tom Ford wrote that he "laughed out loud" but didn't know if he was supposed to (same, Tom) and actual critics don't seem to have much nice to say at all. But it is finding success of a kind — on the resale market, where it's moving the needle on searches for Gucci

According to ShopStyle, searches for the Italian brand are up 31% on its platform. That double-G belt style is leading the charge, with searches up 71%; bags and loafers aren't far behind, though, at 60% and 50% increases, respectively. Lyst says that searches for Gucci jumped by 68% within just 48 hours of the film's release. (Though that would be a slowdown from the trailer's debut in August, which Lyst says spiked searches for Gucci by a whopping 173%.), Meanwhile, data sent out by Wethrift claims that Google searches for "vintage Gucci" have increased by some 270%.


Customers aren't just searching out vintage Gucci, either: It should come as no surprise that Lady Gaga is a style inspiration even when playing a murderously vengeful ex-wife. ShopStyle says searches are also up for items like long-sleeved midis and polka dot dresses, like the kinds worn by Gaga's character Patrizia. Over at Lyst, just one week after that August debut of the official trailer, page views for both polka dot and lace dresses had increased by 100%. 

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Hey, at least the costume design was more convincing than those accents

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