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We know: 2022 is starting to feel a lot like 2021 wearing a fake mustache. But that's the beauty of, well, beauty: Trying a new eye shadow or face mask can offer a much needed respite from *gestures at everything*. And after a year of looks centered around Y2K nostalgia, we can't be the only ones ready to focus on at what's next.

So while we wouldn't put away our butterfly clips just yet — the early aughts will remain a steadfast source of inspiration — there are several other trends rising the proverbial beauty ranks for 2022. From TikTok fads to trends predicted by the likes of Google, Yelp and Pinterest, we gathered some of the year's upcoming trends in makeup, hair, skin-care and cosmetic procedures. Read on to find out 2022's (soon-to-be) biggest trends, including additional insight from Clare Varga, Head of Beauty at trend forecasting company WGSN.

Lip Blushing

If you haven't already seen this trend all over TikTok, allow us to explain: A tattoo artist applies a semi-permanent tattoo to the lips to create the appearance of a fuller, shaded pout, which lasts about a year and a half. (Think of it as microblading, only for lips instead of brows.) Wacky as it may sound, searches for the service spiked 130% on Yelp last year alone. And we can see the appeal, especially because it looks like we'll still be wearing face masks for the foreseeable future.…

Fermented ingredients

Ingredients like fermented rose, millet, fig, barley and soy are on the rise in skin care, according to Krupa Koestline, a cosmetic chemist and founder of KKT Consultants. Driven by the K- and J-Beauty markets, there are several benefits for both brands and consumers. 

"Fermentation releases enzymes that break down molecules so they can better penetrate the skin, delivering powerful ingredients into the very structure of the skin or hair," explains Varga. "The process of fermentation also cultivates the growth of beneficial bacteria such as lactic, organic and acetic acids, which act as natural preservatives. These naturally occurring bacteria prolong the shelf life of formulas, appealing to both the sustainably minded and value-focused consumer."

Dramatic Haircuts

"Just a trim?" Not this year. According to Pinterest, spicy looks like short hair mohawks, dyed shaved heads and bob-cut wigs are all trending — along with the mullet, which continues to thrive. In fact, its latest iteration, the "wolf cut," is taking off thanks to celebs like Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus.


After several years of "Instagram face," the natural look is taking off again — well, sort of. More subtle cosmetic treatments are gaining popularity, such as those done with platelet-rich fibrin (aka PRF), which have seen an 44% increase in searches on Yelp in the last year.

"Subtle treatments, such as Morpheus RF microneedling, Aquagol or MicroTox, will be all the rage to 'pre-juvenate' and stay ahead of aging and still look natural," says board-certified dermatologist and "dermfluencer" Dr. Sheila Farhang, founder of Avant Dermatology in Tucson, Arizona.

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Meanwhile, Varga adds that increased press around botched procedures and celebs going public about their own treatment reversals have also contributed to the trend. "This has also been accelerated by a pandemic-fueled return to a more natural, less-augmented aesthetic and desire for individuality," she says. Still, needles aren't going anywhere; rather, patients will look for ways to enhance their natural features. "This is the surgery equivalent of no-makeup-makeup — the no tweakment-tweakment," says Varga.

Hair Tinsel

A decade after former "Real Housewife of Beverly Hills" star Adrienne Maloof accented her blonde hair with gold tinsel, the trend is taking off (according to recent Google search data, that is). The look may be celebratory, but there's no need to wait for the holidays to wear a style like Kacey Musgraves's tinsel-tail, or Katy Perry's shimmery straight style.


In the new world of "clean" beauty, transparency is the name of the game. "'Clean' beauty is extending its reach beyond non-toxic ingredients to include other ethical considerations," explains Varga. "Brands that want to declare themselves clean must now be safe and sustainable, or risk losing the trust of consumers." In other words, simply calling formulas or packaging "clean" without additional details about a product's efficacy, sourcing and supply chain won’t suffice. "Consumers are keen to see clean brands commit to a wider brief, creating a version of clean that is safe and more sustainable," says Varga.

Bejeweled Beauty

Embellished looks have been on the rise ever since "Euphoria" first hit HBO in 2019, and the trend is only continuing to gain traction. Pinterest searches for rhinestone pedicures jumped 150%, while crystal eye makeup rose 110%. And for the more daring, tooth gems are also an option; searches for the dentally adorned look are up 85% on the platform year over year.

Waterless Washing

Conserving resources — particularly water — is one environmental concern the beauty industry is slowly chipping away at. "Waterless washing products conserve water, accommodating the one in 10 individuals globally who lack access to safe drinking water," explains Varga. Showerless shampoo (such as Swair) and waterless shaving products (like Hanni's Shave Pillow) are among the early adopters of this trend, but expect to see it evolve into other facets of personal care as well.

Shades of Green

Very Peri may have earned Pantone's coveted title of "color of the year," but according to Google, earthy sage green is the hue to watch (meanwhile, Kelly green was all over the Spring 2022 runways). Nail polish (such as Essie's Natural Connection) is always a safe bet, or you can try it on your eyes with Ilia Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint in Hatch

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