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16 Ways to Wear Claw Clips, the Lazy Person's Shortcut to Good Hair

They're cute, they're gentle on strands and they make you look like you actually tried (even when you didn't).

With '90s and early-aughts nostalgia continuing its stronghold on fashion trends, it's pretty much impossible to look at a photo of a Hadid without spotting a claw clip (and the effortless looking model-off-duty hairstyle that inevitably accompanies it). And there's a good reason why this fad doesn't seem to be petering out anytime soon: It's easy. Twisting loose strands up into a cute claw clip is a hairstyle that works on every single hair type, multiple different hair lengths and takes about two seconds. 

Not only are these accessories among the laziest possible shortcuts to a good hair day, but they're also ultra-gentle on strands. Unlike elastics that can snag and tug on hair, claw clips glide smoothly, generally without breaking up curl patterns or causing breakage. And because this trend has been making waves for a while now, brands have come up with chic designs to suit absolutely every personal style aesthetic. 

In the gallery below, we've rounded up some of our favorite claw clips, from sparkly and neon to classic and elegant. There's something for every hair type and every taste. Click through to see (and shop!) them all.

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