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Fashionista Editors Reveal Their Activewear Must-Haves

Featuring matching sets, chic tracksuits and cozy layers.
Editors Pick Licensing Seal 150

Activewear is one of those ambiguous clothing categories that covers anything that's comfy and enhances play — or relaxation — time. It's what you wear when you have to move, whether that means from your bed to your couch or from the bottom of a mountain to the top. Even the ready-to-wear brands that might've once scoffed at the casual assortment are linking up with sportswear labels or launching their own active lines at lightning speed, meaning soft clothing with an athletic edge is here to stay. 

So, to kick the new year off, we've rounded up our favorite workout-friendly garments, from a sweat-wicking headband to sneakers that are made for running (or walking around the block). In addition to stretchy sets, we've also thrown in some sweatshirts and easy cold-weather layers that make going outside in winter a little less painful. Click through the gallery below to shop all them all.

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