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This Limited-Edition Fendi Baguette Is the Best Thing to Come Out of 'And Just Like That'

Apologies to "Hey, it's Che Diaz."

I won't use this post to get into my opinions on "And Just Like That," the new "Sex and the City" reboot on HBO Max, because Lord knows no one's paying me to be an entertainment critic. What I will say — and what I think we can all agree on — is: My gosh, haven't a lot of things happened in that show? I mean, I had to stop watching it (I don't have the stomach for Steve slander, that poor man has suffered enough), but social media has led me to believe that things, in fact, keep happening on that show. And who doesn't love a show in which things happen?

Anyway, a press release in the Fashionista inbox on Thursday morning has indicated another thing has happened on "And Just Like That," which has brought me, personally, high-pitched-squealing joy instead of mid-to-heavy cringe, for once: In episode nine, "No Strings Attached," one Miss Carrie Bradshaw carries another one of her beloved Fendi Baguettes, the early aughts It Bag she near single-handedly turned into a pop culture icon. But this is no ordinary Baguette — no, this is a custom, limited-edition Baguette, designed by Fendi "in partnership with Sarah Jessica Parker" specifically for the reboot.


The Fendi x Sarah Jessica Parker baguette is made of maxi, 3D sequins in a hot pink shade and, if I'm being honest, this is what my soul would probably look like if you tried to give it a physical form. Please only ever use that knowledge for good and not for evil.

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If you want to get your hands on this bad boy, it'll be available for sale on come "mid-February," per a press release. No word on pricing, but if you're really trying to channel your inner Carrie, that should be of little importance to you anyway. Who needs rent money when you have designer bags?! (If you're my landlord, this is legally a joke.)

Congratulations to Fendi for creating the single best thing to come out of "And Just Like That." You had a good run, "Hey, it's Che Diaz."

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