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I Was Not Prepared for Bad Bunny's Jacquemus Campaign

Once again, I must salute the Spring 2022 casting agents.

I've twice already thanked the casting agents behind the Spring 2022 campaigns for their excellent work on this season's ad spots: first when Prada booked Tom Holland, then when Versace got Maluma. But I simply wasn't, couldn't possibly have been prepared for what was to come when Jacquemus posted the imagery for its latest collection, starring Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, a.k.a. Bad Bunny

Now, Bad Bunny's been a fashion boy — and the industry has clearly been paying more attention, as he appeared in both a very charming Vogue video and in the pages of its February 2022 issue, modeling the best new bags on the market in just the past few months. Still, it was thrilling to see the Puerto Rican rapper officially tapped as the face of a new collection, especially that of a designer as beloved as Simon Porte Jacquemus.


Bad Bunny was photographed in Miami in January by Tom Kneller, previewing Jacquemus' latest, dubbed "Le Splash," as styled by Zoey Radford Scott. He poses poolside in a pink linen mini dress, white crew socks and blue mules (at top); in a green suit (just above); a yellow knit pullover; in green shorts and what presumably the brand's new bags as floaties. He also roller skates shirtless in pastel pink checked shorts (below), jet-skis in a magenta puffer vest, bikes in a grey suit embellished with oversized crystal beads, and dances in a white button-down with matching shorts, topped with a black blazer. 

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These images made me type "STOP THE PRESSES" (with an expletive) into our team Slack channel; please keep in mind that Fashionista is, famously, a digital-only publication — in other words: It doesn't have, and has never had, a need for presses. But I digress: What makes this campaign great, aside from the inspired casting, is how fun it is! These images are playful and energized in a way that speaks to the Jacquemus brand and how it lives and breathes in the real world. 

Jacquemus' promises that there's "more coming soon," and I simply don't know what to do with myself. Are we getting a full Bad Bunny lookbook? Can we expect Bad Bunny front row — or, better yet, on the runway — at the next Jacquemus show? The possibilities are endless, and all too much for me to consider on this, the Monday before New York Fashion Week. I need to go lay down.

Anyway, please enjoy the full "Le Splash" preview starring Bad Bunny in the gallery, below. And someone please get IMG on the phone.

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