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The sartorial spirit on and off the runways has never felt more alive. 

Since resuming in-person shows back in September, there's an energy shift at New York Fashion Week that's easy to see on the streets. Those taking in the Fall 2022 newness returned with vibrancy, dressing at an octave even higher than last season. Street-style peacocks in every bright shade of green — from slime to shamrock — stalked the sidewalks, rubbing shoulders with friends dripping in sequins. Trails of glitter led the way to presentations, and on the dreaded snow day, editors and influencers faced the wintry conditions in brightly-knitted balaclavas and hot-pink moon boots.

The Cliffs Notes version of the past week features covetable trench coats, inventive layering, fuzzy bucket hats and checkerboard anything. Showgoers gave us several looks worth pinning to our mental mood board for future outfits, so we've edited down the bunch to 80 of our favorite images. See our winners in the gallery below. (And if you want more, we picked our favorite showgoer beauty moments from the week, too.) Enjoy, and we'll see you across the pond. 

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