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The Collinas Take New York Fashion Week

Follow Tommy Dorfman as she takes on the Big Apple for an internship at Collina Strada — and debuts its Fall 2022 collection.
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Collina Strada's New York Fashion Week shows are known to be immersive and irreverent, adapting traditional formats to convey the ethos and values of the socially conscious brand. Last season, that meant staging the Spring 2022 debut on a rooftop farm in industrial Brooklyn. Designer Hillary Taymour is taking a different approach — and medium — for autumn. 

Instead of a fashion show, Collina Strada hosted a premiere screening for "The Collinas," a new series that follows Tommy Dorfman as she moves to New York City for her dream internship at the brand — only to find herself contending with some of the less glamorous parts of the job, committing sustainability faux pas in front of shocked colleagues and making a very controversial decision that will likely follow her for years to come. (She just wants to make friends!)

Collina Strada favorites — Aaron Philip, Angel Prost, Indira Scott, Kimberly Drew, Molly Constable, Mannat and Sirat Kaur, among others — all make appearances, alongside Whitney Port, Lisa Love, Cory Kennedy, Interview's Mel Ottenberg and Vogue's Liana Satenstein, all of whom are dressed in the Fall 2022 collection. There show has everything: one-liners, in-the-moment interviews, dramatic cuts to camera and an original theme song from Frost Children that's a bop and a half. ("Staring at the sun beams before me, so bright I can see my future, no more carbon emissions...") Who do we have to call to get this picked up for a full season?

Watch "The Collinas," directed by Charlie Engman in collaboration with Freeka Tet, below.

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And take a look at the full Collina Strada Fall 2022 collection in the gallery below.

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