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While we twiddle our thumbs in anticipation of another unpredictable New York Fashion Week, the authority on color has graciously given us a sneak peek of what to expect in our closets come fall. 

On Thursday, the Pantone Color Institute released its NYFW Fall 2022 trend report, which identifies the key colors for each season based on what designers are gravitating towards in their collections and the general mood in the culture. And according to these experts, the next autumnal color story reflects "our hybridized lifestyles and our contradictory yearnings as we continue forward into this new landscape," per a press release.

These hues accurately depict our inner dressing debate — to be comfy, or not to be comfy — with shades that "support our need for nurturing and tactility," in addition to colors that illustrate "our need to break free of restraint and embrace the joy of being alive." 

For the days when we want a revitalizing boost, there's a vibrant Rose Violet, a cheerful Samoan Sun and a whimsical Orange Tiger. Then for those days when we yearn for loungewear, there's a delicious Caramel Café, a hypnotic Midnight and a satisfying Martini Olive. 

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In a statement, Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said that the palette "enables consumers to move fluidly between a range of contrasting shades, allowing them to spontaneously express who they are and how they feel on any given day." 

Embrace both your staying-in and going-out moods with this Fall 2022 palette, pictured in the gallery below. 

Pantone also highlighted five "core classics" that are seasonless and never go out of style. Browse them below.

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