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Must Read: Kim Kardashian Covers 'Vogue,' the Moral Dilemma of Sustainable Fashion Influencing

Plus, why fashion can't figure out rental.

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian covers Vogue 
Kim Kardashian, in Loewe's armor dress, covers the March 2022 issue of Vogue. Kardashian poses in everything from a Balenciaga bodysuit to a Skims velvet stirrup onesie inside the magazine. The cover story, written by Jen Wang, focuses on the star's approach to motherhood, her 40s, her criminal justice work and how she's dealing with a crop of changes. "I've chosen myself. I think it's okay to choose you. My 40s are about being Team Me." {Vogue

The moral dilemma of sustainable fashion influencing 
Influencers, by definition, promote consumption, so what's the deal with "slow fashion" influencers who've created followings around criticizing that very practice? Isabel Slone dives into the world of sustainable fashion influencing for The New York Times, speaking to several people in this space who share a desire to divest from capitalism while participating in it. A common goal among many of these influencers was to use their platform to educate rather than advertise. {The New York Times

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Why fashion can't figure out rental
Established rental platforms like Rent the Runway struggle to reach profitability as the logistics can be difficult and costly. Plus, essential costs, including warehousing and shipping, have risen during the pandemic. Chavie Lieber and Cathaleen Chen took a closer look at these challenges in a new piece for Business of Fashion. They also cover how various start-ups try different approaches to overcoming profitability hurdles. {Business of Fashion

Over-50 fashion influencers are on the rise 
Fashion influencing isn't limited to the pimple-prone teens of TikTok; in fact, there's a growing community of over-50 fashion mentors on social media that are attracting an all-ages crowd. Carina Chocano tapped into this space for The New York Times, spotlighting some of its most well-known figures, many of whom attract large audiences with their wealth and disinterest in chasing trends. "You find yourself envious not of their stuff but of the carefree, unburdened quality they exude: the feeling of having moved past inhibition and fear of judgment into sovereign selfhood, a place many younger women are elated to learn exists." {The New York Times

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