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Jacquemus Takes 'Le Splash' to Hawai'i

Blackpink's Jennie and SZA joined the brand in O'ahu for the brand's Spring 2022 runway show — its first outside of France.

Simon Porte Jacquemus may not win an award for the practicality of his accessories, but the designer is the king of making a splash. 

His namesake brand has become known for its buzzy shows with miles-long runways against scenic backdrops that take over our social media feeds, as well as its cult-status shrunken bags and ab-baring clothes. Jacquemus' latest collection, fittingly called Le Splash, had all the makings of a hit before it even walked the blue catwalk: It was teased on none other than Bad Bunny last month, but wasn't officially announced until the tail end of Paris Fashion Week

For Spring 2022, Jacquemus staged its first show outside of France in Hawai'i. It seemed like a big ask for the brand to request its usuals to continent-hop from Europe to North America for a sandy runway in O'ahu — especially as locals have continuously voiced their concerns about the influx of tourism, especially during the pandemic — so it kept the guest list a bit more exclusive, and the cast of models primarily local. 

"As a guest of Hawai'i, Jacquemus is taking great care to respect this location, culture and way of life," the brand wrote in a note posted to Instagram ahead of the Spring 2022 debut, explaining that it was "primiarily working with talent and businesses from O'ahu and the neighboring islands to leave as small of a footprint as possible." 

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Blackpink's Jennie arrived at the beach channeling paradise in a hot-pink checkerboard crop top alongside SZA, who came to the shoreline in a gingham check-print outfit. They weathered the rain — because even the weather wanted to make a splash — alongside local favorite Bretman Rock. 

But for all the front row's combined gazillion fans and followers, the models made the biggest impression: According to Vogue, many are based in the region and had never walked in a runway show before. 

As for the clothes accessories, they made the usual hyper-colored, hyper-proportioned splash, with vivid jolts of aquatic blue that set the tone for a bright Spring 2022 palette and surface details that take cues from the playful, sporty activities we do in and out of water. Favorite fabrics of the brand, including ecru linen, mix with newer materials like towel-inspired beachwear and puffer jackets made to look like inflatable pool devices. There's summery suiting, as well as wetsuits more ready for land than sea. A beachy sex appeal creeps in on netting and cut-outs. Bags made for urban life have wave-like structures and come in oversized and more padded versions. Meanwhile, the footwear embraces island life by using terry. 

See the Jacquemus Spring 2022 collection in the gallery below. 

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