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Nicola Coughlan and Simone Rocha Are a Match Made in Fashion Heaven

And probably regular heaven, too, but I haven't checked.

There's so much to love about Nicola Coughlan, the scene-stealing star of "Bridgerton": She's an incredibly talented actor who also just happens to be a bubble of pure sunshine. But, seeing as we're a fashion site, our favorite thing about Coughlan has to be her personal style. She clearly has a lot of fun getting dressed, and it's always a pleasure to see her step onto a red carpet. 

And while we don't like to play favorites (wink-wink) there's no denying there are certain designer-celebrity pairings that get our heart beating faster than others. In Coughlan's case, that designer would be Simone Rocha

Maybe it's that shared Irish background, maybe it's that Rocha's dreamy designs perfectly compliment Coughlan's feminine style — but whatever the reason, the two are a match made in fashion heaven. (Maybe regular heaven, too, but I haven't checked.)

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Just look at how incredible Coughlan looked at the 2022 Stylist Remarkable Women awards in London on Monday night: Her mint green Simone Rocha dress features signature layers of delicate chiffon, embroidered with flowers at the neckline and a pair of swans at the waist. Working with stylist Aimée Croysdill, she finishes the look with a pearl bag and pearly earrings, both also from the brand, and a pair of pointed-toe pumps.

No detail escapes Coughlan, so she tapped manicurist Michelle Class for this set of matching nails. The newly-minted Pat McGrath Muse had makeup artist Neil Young create this dewy, fresh-faced look, complete with a glossy pink lip. 

Put together, the whole look screams spring in a way that has me even antsier for warmer weather. Now, where to find a dress with two swans on it....

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