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Rihanna Wore What Can Only Be Described as Goth Maternity Lingerie to the Dior Show

The Rihanna pregnancy style watch continues at Paris Fashion Week.
Rihanna at the Dior Fall 2022 runway show in Paris.

Rihanna at the Dior Fall 2022 runway show in Paris.

The Rihanna pregnancy style watch continues in Paris, where the singer/designer/icon/human vessel for all hope for the future has been making the rounds attending the Fall 2022 shows — first Virgil Abloh's final Off-White debut, and now Dior's runway presentation, wearing a look that probably made it difficult for anyone else to focus on the runway. (Sympathies to Maria Grazia.) 

Rihanna's Dior show-going outfit of choice can best be described as goth maternity lingerie: She layered a sheer chemise over a lacy matching bra-and-panties set, topped it with a leather trench coat.


She then paired the whole thing with knee-high leather boots. Oh, and did I mention that the entire look is black?

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She rounded out the goth vibes by accessorizing with multiple chain necklaces and a large cross (by Chrome Hearts) and a deep burgundy lip color. 


Congratulations to Rihanna for singlehandedly making goth maternity lingerie — for a daytime outing, no less — a thing.

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