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In the famous words of Miranda Priestly: "It's not just blue, it's not turquoise, it's not lapis — it's actually cerulean." 

Thanks to Meryl Streep's masterful delivery of this line in "The Devil Wears Prada," the shade went from a crayon to an icon. And now, it's one the biggest stars of spring, making a splash on the Paris runways last October, with brands like Botter and Stella McCartney using it to shade their warm-weather collections. 

In 2022, cerulean takes bright cues from Crayola rather than the deeper blue notes from the frumpy sweater that Priestly accuses Andy Sachs of securing from a discount department store chain. The color is closely related to a sea blue and cyan, evoking clear skies, optimism and blissful vacations. Though it's a statement on its own, Crayola cerulean goes well with the Bottega Veneta green that's everywhere, plus all shades of purple.

Below, we've rounded up a selection of transitional and made-for-sun pieces in the trending color. From swimsuits that you can wear in or out of the water to sweat-ready sets that will inspire you to move your body, from sleek mules to fashionable baseball caps, we're hoping there's nothing but blue outfits ahead. 

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