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Dara Bids Farewell to Fashionista

Thank you, dear readers!

After almost five years at Fashionista, my final task is to write the customary departing editor goodbye post. And as a secret sentimentalist, putting pen to paper to bid farewell to a place as remarkable as Fashionista — and one that gave me my first job — is incredibly challenging.

Before I got my first byline on the site, I was an enthusiastic reader, indulging in its clever and digestible takes on the business of fashion and on industry happenings. Fashion always felt like an elite inner circle, but Fashionista was a friendly ticket to this ongoing sartorial spectacle. The editors were like big sisters to me, sharing their closet picks and knowledge of everything from sustainability to retail. When I became Fashionista's editorial assistant in the summer of 2017, my digital role models became my real-life instructors.

The brilliant individuals, both past and present, who have lent their magic to this special spot on the internet set the best example of how to weather any storm and, more importantly, how to thoughtfully cover news in a way that doesn't feel obtusely cranked out. There's a reason why I hear so often that Fashionista is someone's morning read of choice: Our write-ups — be it a runway review or the latest update on the musical chairs of creative directors — are products of unparalleled work ethic and passion.

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Not to state the obvious, but I love clothes and shopping for clothes. At Fashionista, I've been hyperfocused on the latter, reporting on how the things we purchase define who we are. Sure, I wrote about Black Friday deals, the "it" items to buy and how to style them, but I got the most joy from sharing the stories of the people who create and influence what we put on every day.

Fashionista morphed me into a fashion editor who can boldly discuss clog pairings, and it shaped me into a confident trend-spotter capable of calling cargo pants cool. I've had the pinch-me moments, where the icons once pinned to my pre-Pinterest wall of magazine cutouts sat close to me at fashion shows or across from me and my recorder. I've had the privilege of covering street style and fashion month trends, which were the pages that I repeatedly visited before I was on the payroll. And I've worked with a group of people who tirelessly pour everything they have into this site, banding together through uncertain pandemic times and late-night awards shows with the help of several pet updates and "can't stop thinking about" TikToks and tweets in Slack. 

I'm so grateful that Fashionista took a chance on me and allowed me to support, in my biased opinion, the best editorial team in the media game. I have learned so much from these talented superhumans. I learned to find my voice and to love it. I learned to think fast and critically. I learned to trust myself. And I know the Fashionista family will continue to inspire me wherever my career takes me.

For now, it's taking me into the world of branded editorial at Saks. I'm very sad to leave, but I'm excited for what's next. Thank you for reading and listening to my shopping advice over the years. I hope to see you in cargo pants very soon! 

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